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Double Glazed Windows Ideal For Australian Climates

There is a common misconception that double glazed windows are only useful in the cold climates of Europe and North America to keep out the cold. However double glazing can be just as effective at keeping the heat of an Australian summer out.

Windows can severely impact on the heating and cooling loads of a building. Standard glazed windows account for 40% of a home's heating energy loss and up to 87% of summer heat gain in a typical Australian insulated home.

uPVC frames and double glazed windows are relatively new in Australia but common in Europe and North America. In fact, they are the most popular choice for windows in these regions. Worldwide more than half of all new and replacement residential windows are uPVC, that's almost 290million window units each year chosen for their durability, energy efficiency, performance, low maintenance and style.

Choosing uPVC double glazed window units with a low solar heat gain and low U values reduces or eliminates the need for expensive artificial cooling.

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