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Designed to meet the high standards and security that homeowners have come to expect for their homes.


You have a choice as shown below, casement and awning windows both open outwards whilst the tilt and turn windows open inwards on both operations.


It is easy to distinguish a casement window, they all open like doors. The window is attached to its frame by hinges, either on the left or the right side.

The non-attached side is securely locked into place with latches. Even though their function resembles that of a door, the mechanism used to open them is a friction hinge.


Awnings create a graceful appearance with an easy-to-operate design similar to a casement window.

Another great advantage of this type of window is that it creates a perfect seal for excellent energy efficiency.

The rubber seal on the perimeter of the opening allows for an air tight lock around the window, This tight lock also gives great security.


Tilt position: tilts the sash inwards at the top providing excellent ventilation while maintaining security and safety.

Turn position: window sash hinges from one side enabling the window to open fully allowing maximum ventilation and means of escape in case of emergency. 

Superior multiple locking bolts provide maximum security.

Watch the opening movement by clicking here.


There are unlimited possibilities for maximising the views from your home with space saving sliding windows - ease of installation and maintainance are reasons for the strong demand favouring Sliding Double Glazed Upvc windows.

Many of our clients feel comfortable with sliding windows because of their ease of operation and simply because that is what they are accustomed to. This is not surprising, since sliding windows and doors are often described as one of the most fashionable developments on the Modern Architectural Design of the 20th century.

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