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What is a fair price to pay for double glazing?

“Is this a fair price to pay for double glazing?” is the most asked question on forum sites, “How can I be certain I’m not being ripped off?” is the other.

As I’ve written on other blog pages, prices for windows are not governed by any government department; each company is free to set their own rates.

Some companies employ self employed sales people, who want to “close the sale”, they want you to buy there and then, so that you don’t have time to see anyone else or have chance to compare their offer with other companies.

Unfortunately, the salespeople who earn their wages via commission sales or by hitting targets, can be tempted to out stay their welcome or be over pushy, even criminal like these who were sentenced for aggressive sales tactics.

At Affordable Double Glazing, WE DO NOT EMPLOY SALES PEOPLE, you will deal directly with one of the business owners.

Some companies however, do try to educate you about choices you have, they offer you a range of products they “think you may like” rather than, “you must have this” and they provide written estimates for you to mull over at your leisure, however the question remains, is the quoted price, fair?

Another factor is dealing with a one man band.....what if something goes wrong?

Are you able to see the products you are looking to purchase in a showroom before buying? Does the contractor have adequate insurance...or any insurance at all?

Variations could also be due to geographical variations, wether a company is busy or not, besides the actual variations in materials used and level of security, energy efficiency etc.

The cheapest has to be cheap for a reason, but the most expensive doesn’t mean its the best.

So decide what you want, ask for a written quote so that you can compare alternatives, check out the claims each company makes, read independent reviews left by real customers and don’t be rushed into signing something, take your time, get the decision right and you’ll be delighted, rush it and you’ll regret it.

Read our independent reviews here:

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