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The gateway to a home. Our doors are secure and designed to be the centrepiece of the entrance to your property


From quality UPVC front doors, UPVC French doors, sliding UPVC patio doors and Bi-Fold doors.

Affordable Double Glazing can supply and fit virtually any size and style of door.


Opening up the home to enjoy the garden can make a real difference to your living space and, in most cases, can be done reasonably easily by installing a new set of patio doors. 

Upvc Patio doors are great for letting in loads of extra light and help to make any room look & feel bigger.

Improvements in design, such as super smooth sliding panels mean the doors now have almost “effortless” opening and, when you have closed them, the tight fit panels create draught proof seals helping to cut down on those ever increasing heating bills.


The entrance door to your home sets the first impression for your visitors; there are many styles, designs & colours to choose from.

A typical uPVC front door will be of a “welded” construction, internally beaded with a steel reinforced frame. They will feature 3 hinges, toughened glass & multi-point locks.

A typical composite entrance door will be of GRP, internally insulated with energy efficient polyurethane foam also with steel reinforced frames, toughened glass & multi-point locks.


French doors are usually seen as a matching pair of double, outward opening, doors; popular for both internal and external use. Although they are normally fitted opening outward, there is no reason to stop you choosing a set that open inwards.

For each opening style, it’s important to have good quality locks because of the centre opening double leaf configuration; dead bolts, shoot bolts & multi point locks are recommended.

Look for locks that are anti-levering, pick, snap & bump resistant as they should be readily available.



This design surely has to be one of the most impressive patio doors; the folding door action really opens up your home. 

They bring in space and light that other doors just cannot match.The impressive clear opening space is achieved by stacking or folding the doors fully to the left or right – you can also choose to stack the doors or leaves to the outside or inside of the room. This gives almost an extra 50% of clear opening when compared to the “standard” patio door.

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