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Imported Range of Frames

This range of windows and doors are imported direct from the UK.

They have the same 10 year warranties as locally made products.

See before you buy with products on display in our new showroom.


Why Buy These Products?....Save up to 35%!!

From our experience here in Perth, a lot of people are looking at double glazing but it is the price of locally made product that has been putting people off.


After supplying builders and owner builders with this range of frames, we have now decided to offer these direct to the public and pass these savings on to you directly.


These products have a 14 week lead time, but let's face it, I have just bought a new Lounge from "Freedom" and had to wait 16 weeks....and paid full price.


We provide a supply only or full installation service for our double glazed windows and doors.


So if you thought double glazing was too us today and you will be surprised.

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