April 30, 2015

Windows lose and gain heat by conduction, convection, radiation and air leakage. This heat transfer is expressed with U-values.

As a rating of energy efficiency, U-value can be used to consider performance of windows, exterior doors, skylights and all other exterior b...

April 21, 2015

 Double-glazed, uPVC windows are a relatively new trend to sweep Australia. PVC windows were first used in Europe in 1940, by the late 1960’s it had established an important market share. Since the 1970’s uPVC has increasingly dominated the US market, now it is the mos...

April 9, 2015

 Need proof that our UPVC Double Glazing will reduce noise?


Watch these 2 short videos and you will "hear" the difference for yourself.

UPVC Double Glazing works well to keep out the noise, whatever the source:

Traffic, aircraft, noisy neighbours, hoons, barking dogs....


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Double Glazed Windows Ideal For Australian Climates

October 27, 2015

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